4 01, 2017

Continuous Improvement: Your business will never be in its final form

I smiled.  More than 10 years into starting and running my small business and I realized I would NEVER be done with it. As our team reached a new stage of growth, new challenges appeared and old ones faded away. Logistics issues of the past were resolved by new technology and the needs of our [...]

14 12, 2016

Is obsession at the root of great organizations?

That look. A team member had just given me a bewildered look. In that particular case, I had insisted, with an irritable tone, how the game plan was to cut down on our new homepage design elements to keep it simple to its core. The idea being that even the faintest clutter would garble our company’s offer. My impatience [...]

30 11, 2016

Grandfather Clause: 3 reasons to use it to implement client changes

My business was growing fast, but I had made a terrible mistake. I had previously created a new discount class for pallet orders (15% off) to please some new larger clients who were asking for a better price. Excited to get these larger clients, I thought giving them that high of a discount made sense. Two years in, [...]

23 11, 2016

Don’t run your small business without logs

The service team was young and new. They were in charge of handling the day-to-day of preparing orders and shipping our great products out. I was busy drumming more business and I trusted the team for their loyalty and dedication. One morning, I noticed by a fluke that we had 3 problem orders back to back. That’s a lot when you only [...]

26 02, 2016

Small Business Sherpa’s logo voting is closed

Well, after revising 249 concepts, Small Business Sherpa will finally have his own  Logo :-)   Also, it was interesting to know from the bonus question what stories you want to read from Small Business Sherpa. For those curious, here is the link to the poll results.   Thanks a bunch to al those who [...]

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